Price Gouging, Cancellations, and Other Consumer Issues During the Pandemic

Organizations shouldn’t be permitted to misuse a national crisis by expanding costs past a sensible sum. Numerous states have cost gouging laws essentially that forestall this. Be that as it may, cost gouging isn’t the main issue buyers are confronting. What happens when flights, shows, and different occasions are dropped because of a pandemic? Will 30-day-merchandise exchanges unwind? We give answers to these inquiries and more underneath.

Value Gouging

Discover what your state’s cost gouging laws are, and what unique contemplations apply because of the pandemic.

Value Gouging Laws by State

Dropped Flights

How would you get your cash back if your flight was dropped because of the pandemic? What are your choices in the event that you chosen to drop your excursion in view of the pandemic?

Would i be able to Sue If My Flight Was Cancelled?

What Are Your Rights in the event that You Cancel a Flight Due to Coronavirus?

Dropped Events

The coronavirus flare-up has prompted a huge number of occasions being dropped. What would it be a good idea for you to expect on the off chance that you paid for a ticket for a show or occasion that is currently dropped?

What Are Your Rights When Your Concert Is Postponed or Canceled?

Other Consumer Issues

Do 30-Day Return Policies Change Under Shelter in Place?

Is It Legal for Businesses to Refuse to Take Cash?

Coronavirus Snake Oil: What Is the Law?

Issues With Online Shopping

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We will add new substance to this page all through the pandemic. For other buyer rights issues and questions, it would be ideal if you visit’s shopper assurance area. On the off chance that you accept your privileges have been abused, consider talking with a shopper assurance legal counselor in your state. Numerous lawyers offer telephone and video meetings.