Jack & Shanaz Langson Institute & Museum of California Art

Jack & Shanaz Langson Institute & Museum of California Art Irvine CA

The new art museum is named after the two founding parents of UC Irvine. It features art from the California Impressionist movement. Visitors can also enjoy the California landscape and American Impressionist paintings. Opening date and locations are also outlined. Find out more about this new museum in Irvine CA. after reading the following article. Here are some key facts about the Jack & Shanaz Langson Institute & Museum of California Art Irvine CA.


UC Irvine’s new art museum named for founders

A UCI art museum named for its founders has been in the works for decades. Its artists, teachers, and early events participants have long known of the university’s artistic legacy, but the art-viewing public has mostly been in the dark. Until now, the university’s new art museum will be a landmark for artists and art enthusiasts alike. The Langsons’ generous donation will make it possible for the university to continue building its collection. A fantastic read


The campus of UCI is divided into two parts: the core campus and the Newport Beach-area community. The University of California, Irvine, is located on the southeastern edge of Orange County. On the eastern side of campus, the town of Irvine borders Bonita Canyon Road, which turns into Culver Drive at its northern terminus. The UC Irvine Medical Center is a renowned medical facility, with over 500 faculty members working in all fields. 



The American Impressionist movement in art captivates viewers with its vivid renderings of the California landscape. This collection is home to works by famous American Impressionist painters such as Vincent Van Gogh and Henri Matisse. Also on display are a wide variety of California landscapes, including works by American Impressionist painter, Claude Monet.


The museum has been renamed in honor of its donors, Jack and Shanaz Langson. The Jack and Shanaz Langson Institute & Museum of California Art (IMCA) is part of the University of California, Irvine. The Langsons are trustees of the UCI Foundation, and have generously supported the UCI campus. The Langson Institute houses over 4,500 works spanning California Impressionism, plein air painting, Post-War art, and contemporary art.



The location of Jack & Shanaz Langson’s Institute of California Art Irvine CA is a prime spot to admire American Impressionist paintings. Located on the University of California Irvine campus, this museum displays works of art by prominent artists of the American Impressionist style, who captured the landscape of California in their works. The museum also houses a collection of paintings that are the products of the state’s rich history.


The Institute’s future home will be on the UCI North Campus, near Jamboree Road. Last fall, the Langsons made a major donation to the university’s foundation to name the building “Jack and Shanaz Langson Institute and Museum of California Art.” They will also be able to enjoy views of the San Joaquin Marsh Reserve.


Opening date

The Jack IMCA will be an important landmark for UCI and the region, housing seminal works of California art. The collection will include over 4,500 works of art from various genres, including California Impressionism, plein air painting, and Post-War art. The museum’s mission is to promote the study of the arts and the humanities as core elements of the UCI experience and a vibrant asset in the region.


The IMCA’s new director Kim Kanatani is an internationally recognized educator, scholar, and collaborative arts producer. She joined the UC Irvine faculty in September as the new director of the museum. She previously served as director of education at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and at the Guggenheim. Kanatani specializes in working with artists to develop public engagement programs.



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