If you are facing foreclosure, you probably have questions like: Can anything be done to save my home? Will hiring a lawyer make a difference? Can the Company Name firm help me in this matter?

Just the thought of losing your home–your largest asset and the centerpiece of your family’s life– is extremely frightening. But because of our experience and skill when it comes to helping people with foreclosure defense and mortgage modification issues, we’re here to help you feel more financially secure in your life so you don’t have to worry about losing the roof over your head.

Our foreclosure defense lawyers serve clients with all types of foreclosure defense situations, including those involving foreclosure alternatives such as:

• Selling the home and buying a home that fits your current financial situation

• Utilizing the short sale option

• Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

• Rolling your mortgage payments into a Chapter 13 payment plan

• Negotiating for a loan or mortgage modification

• Strategic mortgage default

We can also help see if your lender has violated the Fair Lending Act and advise you of your rights as a homeowner if the foreclosure process is not being followed properly. Time is of the essence when you are being threatened with foreclosure by a bank or lender, or you’ve already been served with a notice of foreclosure.

Our law firm can swiftly take steps to help you avoid foreclosure. We will aggressively negotiate to adjust an interest rate, buy you more time to pay arrears, change a balloon payment schedule, or to have a whole new mortgage executed.

Our foreclosure defense has many benefits, including:

• Continue to live in your home during the foreclosure case

• Continue to collect rent from investment properties during the foreclosure case

• Avoid a deficiency judgment on an “underwater” property

• Settle with the bank on better terms

• Achieve a good loan modification that brings the principal balance to the current market value of your home

Our main objective is to defend the rights of homeowners facing foreclosure. As foreclosure defense attorneys, we are experts in dealing with every angle, detail and aspect that can exist ina foreclosure case.

Our foreclosure litigation lawyers will fight unfair banks and predatory lending practices, and they will file quiet title actions or other suitable remedies for eligible properties.

Our defense attorneys will personally review your case and help you decide on the best course of action. This can include foreclosure defense, loan modification, filing a counterclaim to cancel out the note and mortgage, and quiet title to the subject property, refinance, short-sale, or filing for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 of the Federal Bankruptcy laws.

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