Roe v. Wade Protests Continue in Downtown LA for Fourth Day

27June 2022

Protestors turned out all weekend long in downtown Los Angeles to protest against the Supreme Court’s 5-4 Friday decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Those demonstrations are continuing Monday, with some local groups calling for daily protests at federal buildings and courthouses in the wake of the ruling eliminating the federal right to abortion.

Some of the protests will be organic, popping up anywhere as people turn out with signs and chants.

Others are planned by those local groups in LA, Orange and Riverside Counties, which range from highly organized to grassroots-style activism.

One group is calling for a 2 p.m. walkout Monday afternoon, and asks participants to meet at the Federal Courthouse at 350 W 1st Street in Downtown LA.


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“When women’s rights are under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back,” chanted the crowds of people that kicked off the downtown LA demonstrations Friday afternoon.

The city has been the backdrop for protests since then, with large crowds gathering Saturday and Sunday and making their way into the streets.

But as those crowds of reproductive rights advocates express anger and fear at the Supreme Court decision to strike down federal protections guaranteeing a woman the right to an abortion, others who support the “Right to Life” movement are celebrating.

“That’s what makes abortion such a tough issue,” said Susan Swift, attorney and VP of legal affairs for the Right to Life League. “Because we want to respect the life of the woman, but we also want to respect the life of the unborn baby as well.”

Pro life supporters have vowed to continue their work to abolish abortion in California.

Local law officials are also reacting to the protests seen in recent days, after clashes between the Los Angeles Police Department and protestors in downtown LA on Friday night.

One demonstrator at that gathering was arrested and charged with attempted murder after using a makeshift flamethrower in the form of a firework fired at the crowd. One officer was injured.

The LA Police Protective League issued a lengthy statement calling on city leaders to step up.

“This type of raw violence on display in Los Angeles and across the nation from dangerous mobs hell-bent on destruction has nothing to do with a woman’s right to choose,” the statement read in part. “It is nothing more than disgusting, opportunistic behavior carried out by criminals hiding behind our First Amendment.”

Video of another clash between protestors and the LAPD, this time from Saturday’s demonstrations, showed actress Jodie Sweetin of “Full House” fame getting thrown to the ground by officers in full tactical gear. The actress confirmed it was her in the video, which was shared widely on social media.

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