‘Rust’ Script Supervisor Who Called 911 After Film Set Shooting to Discuss Lawsuit

17November 2021

The script supervisor on the ‘Rust’ film set will join her attorney Wednesday for a news conference about a lawsuit over the fatal shooting that has shaken Hollywood and led to calls for increased movie set safety.

Mamie Mitchell and attorney Gloria Allred scheduled the news conference for 11:30 a.m. in Los Angeles. Details about the lawsuit, which was submitted to LosAngeles Superior Court Wednesday but had not yet been officially processed and filed, were not immediately available.

In announcing the news conference. Allred’s office said the lawsuit includes allegations about what happened on the day ‘Rust’ crew member Halyna Hutchins was fatally shot.

Mitchell was standing close to 42-year-old director of photography Hutchins when she was struck by a round from a gun fired by actor Alec Baldwin. 

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She told the Associated Press that she called 911 and told the dispatcher about the emergency on the set at Bonanza Creek Ranch in northern New Mexico. 

“I ran out and called 911 and said ‘Bring everybody, send everybody,’” Mitchell told The Associated Press. “This woman is gone at the beginning of her career. She was an extraordinary, rare, very rare woman.”

The head of lighting on the film filed a lawsuit earlier this month over the shooting, alleging negligence that caused him “severe emotional distress” that will haunt him forever. Serge Svetnoy said in the suit that the bullet that killed his close friend Hutchins, narrowly missed him, and he held her head as she died.

The lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court names nearly two dozen defendants associated with the film including Baldwin, who was both star and a producer; David Halls, the assistant director who handed Baldwin the gun; and Hannah Gutierrez Reed, who was in charge of weapons on the set.

It is the first known lawsuit of what could be many stemming from the Oct. 21 shooting, which also injured “Rust” director Joel Souza. Hollywood professionals have been baffled by the circumstances of the movie-set shooting. It already has led to other production crews stepping up safety measures.

Baldwin said on video on Oct. 30 that the shooting was a “one-in-a-trillion event” saying, “We were a very, very well-oiled crew shooting a film together and then this horrible event happened.”

The director Souza told detectives that Baldwin was rehearsing a scene in which he drew a revolver from his holster and pointed it toward the camera, which Hutchins and Souza were behind, according to court records in New Mexico. Souza said the scene did not call for the use of live rounds, and film set armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed said real ammo should never have been present, according to the court records.

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