Morning Docket: 09.21.21 – Today Is A Wild One

22September 2021

* SCOTUS is hearing Roe Redux come December 1st. [CNN]

* Shocking no one, the school that banned BLM flags and gained notoriety for its mock slave trade had a teacher show up to class in blackface. [KPTV]

* FBI just straight up stole people’s money from Beverly Hills bank vaults. I’m assuming it looked like this. [Los Angeles Times]

* A Border Patrol agent on horseback with a whip photographed grabbing a man in Texas. Cosplaying a Django character is cool and all, but can you at least wait for October? [NBC News]

* California lawmakers are looking to repeal loitering laws that make it okay to arrest you if you “look like a prostitute.” Any 1L worth their weight in outlines should know this is probably unconstitutionally vague. [IB Times]

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