Morning Docket: 09.20.21

21September 2021

* In Virus Other Than COVID™ news, research on a potential cure to HIV is underway. [Biospace]

* There’s general disillusionment with the legitimacy of SCOTUS and the rule of law or whatever, but no one is asking the hard-hitting questions. Will 1Ls still have to take Con Law 2? [Business Insider]

* Missourians going the “liberty or death” route are mad the federal government is trying to make them die less. [The Guardian]

* In a much needed move, California is passing legislation that makes stealthing illegal. Don’t commit assault, folks. [The New Yorker]

* Even more bright-eyed students are ignoring the sage wisdom of this song. If only they knew about issue-spotting before Torts.  [Reuters]

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